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Bald Eagles at Seabeck, WA

Today is the transit of Venus across the Sun.  To properly view this once in a lifetime event, I rented a Canon 100-400mm f/4 – f/5.6 lens from  I also went and purchased some solar film to prep the lens for a nice shot of Venus transiting across the sun.  I had my scopes, [...]

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Macro Photography

Macrophotography is one of my favorite types of photography to practice.  Landscapes have a special place in my heart too, but getting out and about can be taxing when you have a family with little children.  During times of limited time, I will run out in the backyard to photograph small insects, plants or anything [...]

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Birthday Photos

     Every birthday I take photos of my children.  It’s kind of evolved into a little tradition.  This year was no different; well except for the fact that they are one year older from the last “official” session.  I spent some time thinking about where I could do a session.  Being the middle of [...]

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Website Overhaul

Edit:  On May 11, 2012, I departed the Navy on terminal leave.  On July 31st I will transfer to inactive reserves and retire.  If you are looking for the CPO Blog and or past galleries please contact me.  I have archived all the past photos and structure…just in case someone would like to take it [...]

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