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Bald Eagles at Seabeck, WA

Venus Transit

Today is the transit of Venus across the Sun.  To properly view this once in a lifetime event, I rented a Canon 100-400mm f/4 – f/5.6 lens from  I also went and purchased some solar film to prep the lens for a nice shot of Venus transiting across the sun.  I had my scopes, eyepieces, camera gear et al ready to go.  In fact, as I type this it’s sitting on the floor in front of me.  Such a sad predicament as I look at my optical toys and then through my window.  The Pacific Northwest has dealt a blow to my dreams of viewing this rare opportunity.  Well, I can’t get all depressed or angry about it.

So, this brings me back to the lens I rented.  I didn’t want to leave it sit inside without trying it out.  Let me back up here a bit.  I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for well over 6 years.  I have heard of an interesting gathering of American Bald Eagles at Seabeck, WA.  This last Sunday, I decided to visit this place and see what the all the hubbub was about.  After Sunday (and a torturous long 10 minute car drive…), I can not fathom as to why I never visited this wondrous place before.  Shear insanity for a proclaimed nature photographer.

The location in question is the Big Beef Creek Estuary near Seabeck, WA.  A bridge crosses over this mudflat with ample parking on both sides of the road.  Perfect for a photographer to set up a tripod and his/her longest lens.  Traffic can get heavy at times, but this is mainly due to motorists slowing down to gawk at the multitude of tripods and long lenses – white and black.  When I first saw it, I had thought there was some kayaking or canoeing event in progress.

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