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Birthday Photos

2011-07-30 at 18-51-07     Every birthday I take photos of my children.  It’s kind of evolved into a little tradition.  This year was no different; well except for the fact that they are one year older from the last “official” session.  I spent some time thinking about where I could do a session.  Being the middle of summer, I knew I wanted a golden backlit photo session. I remembered a nice little trail and park located quite close by that did have a field.  I wasn’t quite sure if it would be suitable but decided to give it a shot.  Boy was I glad I did.

On the way, my wife and I were lamenting the fact that fields are becoming more rare nowadays.  Just last year there was a nice double soccer field within walking distance.  When there were no games in progress, we could go down there and toss a frisbee around or just lounge around.  This year they decided to redo one of the fields and toss astro turf and lights in.  That in of itself is not too bad but then they built a fence around it turning a multipurpose general field into a single use area for a select group of the community.  In the words of Alton Brown, “a unitasker”.  I am not knocking the soccer community at all for this change but I do feel a bit of sadness as we exclude whole communities to cater to a narrow slice.

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