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Edit:  On May 11, 2012, I departed the Navy on terminal leave.  On July 31st I will transfer to inactive reserves and retire.  If you are looking for the CPO Blog and or past galleries please contact me.  I have archived all the past photos and structure…just in case someone would like to take it over for future CPOs.

I should have done this in the beginning.  It was and has always been hard to get information out to people without a good solid central repository.  Well here it is.

For those that are visiting because you have been selected to Chief, congratulations!  I look forward to seeing you around the PACNORWEST here in the coming weeks.  You may not always look forward to seeing me now but I can guarantee you, you will be glad I was there in the future years.  As you progress  through the season, I challenge you to learn as much as you can for this is a rare time where you can actually have the CPO community as a whole in a nice central location.  Once you are inducted keeping your contacts alive and fresh becomes a challenge in of itself.  Those who take the time to keep in touch with the community ultimately are the most successful.  Just a thought as you begin the season.

For the families that are visiting, I welcome you to my humble site.  I hope you enjoy watching your sons and/or daughters tackle the difficult situations and ultimately succeed.  For as they have been selected to Chiefs, failure is never an option.  It is with pride and honor that I am able to document this cherished of traditions for the spouses, fathers, mothers and any other family member who has given support.

I encourage you to check the CPO Induction Blog.  I intend on being frequent with my postings and will offer insights to how I photograph some of the events.  I kick myself for not doing this at an earlier date but better this season then no season.

As a side note, please utilize your login information from the business card you were supplied with to login at both the Induction Blog and the gallery itself.  Thanks.  As always, if you have any questions, please email me directly or utilize the contact form on this site.

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